Developmennt Projects


There are 18 pigs at the centre. We are selling pork at $4/kg. We have serviced 4 sows to boost production.


Market Gardening
The challenge of water is still limiting market gardening activities due to little rains that we received during this season. We are hoping that ZINWA will supply water at least thrice a week as they promised and we will be able to upgrade our garden by planting onions, vegetables, tomatoes, carrots.


The Diocese has 4 cross Brahman cows which are being kept at Transfiguration Chidzikwe Training Centre.


Maize Production

In 2015 we harvested 1 tonne of maize and in 2016 not much was harvested due to poor rains and in 2017 we harvested one and half tonnes. The maize is used to feed pigs at the centre. Tractor at Transfiguration Skills Centre is used to till land for maize production.


Schools’ Supplementary Feeding
The Diocese has undertaken schools’ supplementary feeding programme at St. Boniface, St. Mary’s, St. Francis and St Michael’s Primary schools in Shurugwi since second term May 2016.The following food items were delivered: MealieMeal, Soya Mince, Salt and Cooking Oil. During third term of 2016 the feeding programme will be extended to St. Michael’s Primary and Secondary Schools and St. Bernard’s Primary and Secondary Schools in Buhera. Food items to be delivered are as follows; Mealie Meal, Soya Mince, Salt and Cooking Oil. In 2017 the following schools were benefited from the program during the first term of the year: St. Michael Objectives of Income Generating Projects:










 Objectives of Income Generating Projects: 

 Promoting improved livelihoods amongst the rural people within the Diocese through poverty alleviation strategies

 Eradication of hunger and poverty

 Building a sense of self-reliance and hope for positive change and self-worthiness within the mothers and youths in the Diocese

 Creating an enabling environment for mothers and youths’ participation in Church and society through survival skills provision

 Contributing towards the millennium goals.

Projects Being Undertaken

1. Sewing:

St .Francis Mission, Shurugwi
Munyaradzi Mission, Buhera
St. Boniface, Shurugwi
St. Joseph, Maburutse
St. Mary’s Poshayi

2. Chicken Rearing: 

St. Peter’s, Mutoredzanwa
St. Matthew’s, Buhera
St. Michael’s Mambo, Buhera
St. Michael’s Makonese, Shurugwi
St John’s Magumise, Shurugwi

St. Antony’s Madeu, Dorowa
St. Faith’s Makovere, Zvishavane
St. John Chifamba, Buhera


Holy Apostles Mutemachani, Chivhu
Chivhu Town


3. Peanut Butter Making:

St. Clare Svinurai
St. Anne’s Mushipe


4.Piggery Project: 

Transfiguration Youth Skills Centre – Chidzikwe

5. Market Gardening:
Holy Trinity Munyimi – fencing material will be supplied to keep the project on going.
St. Peters Mutoredzanwa
St. Michael Mambo


6. Soap Selling:
Moses the Prophet


7. Airtime
Moses the Prophet


Poultry Course:
Two one-day poultry courses were facilitated by National Foods (Ltd) in 2015 and one – one day course in 2016. The courses were held at Anglican Church in Masvingo. We had representatives from some of our Poultry Production Sites and were given more knowledge and skills in poultry activities.


Workshops for beneficiaries are held periodically at project sites to equip beneficiaries with the required skills and knowledge. Workshops cover the following areas: record keeping, machine maintenance, marketing strategies, hygiene, market gardening, sewing, poultry, dipping and vaccinating pigs, etc.


Profit Sharing:
This is ongoing and beneficiaries’ livelihoods have improved. Through profit sharing beneficiaries are able to pay fees for their children, buy school uniform, buy household goods, etc.

The beneficiaries have been and are being trained and empowered to own the program as business entities. The Diocese is grateful to beneficiaries for their zeal and dedication thereby ensuring the continuity of the projects. Communities have been very supportive and their continued support and involvement is appreciated.