St. Benedict

Warm greetings from members of St Benedict guild of Masvingo Diocese. By the Grace of God we are growing spiritually and in numbers and will never allow challenges to draw us backwards. We are grateful for the support we get from the Bishop, MU President, Priests, Priest wives, A F U, MU, and Guild Advisor’s.


2015 – 2016 Achievements

1.Executive Meetings
Were constantly held and plans implemented which led to good results for conferences taking place as planned. The following Districts did not send their representatives; Holy Trinity, St Bernard Chimvuri, St Michael Mambo, Moses the Prophet, St Clare and Mashava.

2015 Theme was, Never allow challenges to draw you backwards. Supporting scripture readings were Job 36 v 5 – 16 and Romans 15 v 22. Programmes were prepared at Archdeaconry level incorporating the disabled in all activities. 2016 conference was held at Tongogara High School, theme was Abide in Christ supported by readings from John 15 verse 1-10, Galatians 2 verse 18-20, I john 3 verse 4 -6. Activities such as sports, cooking, carpentry, modelling were undertaken. In summation it was a spirit filled, lively, educative and uplifting event.

In 2015 we were blessed with two weddings of Phibbion Chibengwa of Chivhu and Talent Mawere of St Boniface Shurugwi. With continued blessings, Tinashe Dongo’s wedding was held at St Peters’ Mutoredzanwa on 30 April 2016. The three members showed the good fruits of being groomed in the Church. We thank you for the presents and support that was given to the newlyweds. Mothers’ Union, your love is unconditional, we are proud of you.

St Benedict are into brick moulding for selling, gardening, firewood gathering, selling freezits and variety show to source money to keep the guild viable. In the MU office T-shirts, belts, books and cards are in stock. We encourage members to buy these items from the MU office. Some members have supported positively by paying their tribute in time.



1. Late or none payment of tribute from other members.

2. Members are not buying stocks from the MU office.


Future Plans

1. To encourage all members to pay tribute on time.

2. To encourage more fundraising and outreach activities in all Districts.

3. Encourage members to buy all guild stocks from MU office.

4. To continue encouraging members to pursue their studies, join the ministry and to have Christian marriages.


United we stand but divided we fall, so let us remain united for God is with us.