Education in Masvingo

Education in Masvingo

“Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it ” (Proverbs 22:6)

There are 6 Secondary Schools, 1 High School and 8 Primary schools located in the various Districts and Provinces within the Diocese of Masvingo.

Name of School                                               District                                     Province

St Francis Mission Primary                                Shurugwi                                      Midlands
St Boniface Primary                                             Shurugwi                                      Midlands
St Mary’s Primary                                                 Shurugwi                                      Midlands
Marondamashanu Primary                                Chikomba                                      Mashonaland East
St Michael Mambo Primary                               Buhera                                           Manicaland
St Bernard Primary                                              Buhera                                           Manicaland
Munyaradzi Primary                                            Buhera                                           Manicaland
Daramombe Mission Primary                            Chikomba                                     Mashonaland East
Chasiyatende Secondary                                      Chivi                                              Masvingo
Chidzikwe Secondary                                            Masvingo                                      Masvingo
St Michael Mambo Secondary                             Buhera                                          Manicaland
Marondamashanu Secondary                              Chikomba                                     Mashonaland East
Munyaradzi Secondary                                          Buhera                                          Manicaland
St Bernard Secondary                                            Buhera                                           Manicaland
Daramombe High School                                      Chikomba                                     Mashonaland East


Latest News

Zimbabwe Anglican Church education workshop

A workshop for Zimbabwe Anglican Church education secretaries, school heads and bursars of anglican boarding schools was held at the Anglican Cathedral of St Michael & All Angels, Masvingo on 27 february 2014 from 9.30am to 4.oopm.

Education Secretaries of the five Dioceses in Zimbabwe, School Heads and Bursars of Anglican Mission Schools in Zimbabwe met in Masvingo for a workshop that was facilitated by the Provincial Education Director [PED] for Mashonaland East Province, Mr. J. Guri and an Auditor from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Mr. O. Sabilika. The purpose of such workshops is to staff develop Anglican Education Secretaries, School Heads and Bursars to ensure improved operations at Mission Schools. Mass was celebrated by Bishop Godfrey at 8.00am in the Cathedral Church of St. Michael & All Angels. During Mass prayers were offered for all participants including Anglican Mission Schools in Zimbabwe. The Education delivery system in Zimbabwe was prayed for. After Mass participants had breakfast in the Cathedral Hall. This was followed by the workshop.

In his opening remarks to the participants, Bishop Godfrey thanked the Education Secretaries for organizing the workshop. He also expressed gratitude and appreciation to the two officials from Ministry of Education for having accepted the invitation to facilitate the workshop.

Bishop Godfrey further explained that the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is a major stake holder in the education of children. He said that the Anglican Church does not only do evangelism but also undertakes relief and development programmes. “Doing Mission is our core business as a Church” said Bishop Godfrey.

In his concluding remarks Bishop Godfrey encouraged the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe to look beyond Secondary Education and get involved with learning that occurs at universities, colleges and institutes of technology. “We need an Anglican University and Anglican Technical Training Institutes” said Bishop Godfrey.

Mr. J. Guri, the P.E.D. talked about the 10 National Key Result areas which are now consumed in the four clusters under Zim Asset. He encouraged Mission Schools to aim for sustainable economic growth, self sufficiency, good governance and infrastructure development. He emphasized the importance of the 10 Key Result Areas. Other topics that were covered are the role of a School Head, the School Head in changing times, overall terms of reference for the Ministry of Education, overall functions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry’s core values.

Mr. Sabilika talked about keeping of School finances. He encouraged Headmasters and bursars to shun corruption and be accountable. He emphasized that School accounts should be audited every year by a reputable firm of auditors. Mr. Sabilika emphasized the importance of Finance Circular 6 0f 1994 and Statutory Instrument 87 of 1992. Mr. Nyatsanza, the Chairman of Anglican Education Secretaries in Zimbabwe, announced that inter diocesan athletics, ball games and choral competitions will take place in 2014. Mr. Nyatsanza, Mr. Guri and Mr. Sabilika during the workshop


A classroom block was renovated at St Boniface Mavedzenge Primary school in Shurugwi rural before the opening of the second term on 7 May 2013.The block was painted inside and outside. Window panes and doors were fitted. Flows of the block that has six classrooms were re-done.

proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favourable or unfavourable;
convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching. (2 Timothy 4:2)