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Anglican Father’s Union (AFU) is a guild which was formed in 2007. Membership is growing slowly and there is need to encourage more fathers in all ecclesiastical divisions to join the guild.


2015 – 2017 Conferences
In 2015, AFU Conferences were held in the various Archdeaconries from 01-03 May. The Theme was Mhanyira Kuchinangwa. Scripture verses were: Isaiah 6;1-9 and Philippians 3;12-21. Hymns 133 and 179 were chosen for music competitions. During the conferences various activities were undertaken including lessons on topics such as Kuraira vana, Church Doctrine, financial management and zvomudzimba.

In 2016 AFU Conference was held at Diocesan level in Chivhu from 29 April to 1 May 2016. The Theme was Obedience is better than sacrifice. Supporting Scripture Reading was 1 Sam 9: 27.

All archdeaconries held their conferences with the theme: KUFAMBIRA MBERI MUKUNAMATA MWARI ISU NEMHURI DZEDU. Joshua 24:15, Jeremiah 31:7-14, Isaiah 40:31. Reports which were given during our last executive meeting shows that most conferences went on well as planned. Sports and music competitions were done. Shurugwi and Masvingo archdeaconries did outreach and the guild is grateful for what they did. Shurugwi did an outreach to the needy in the church and the local community and Masvingo visited Mucheke Old People’s home where they gave groceries and clothes.


2016 All Night Prayer
This was held on Saturday 05 March at St. Luke’s Parish, Mucheke. AFU members from Masvingo Diocese and Anglican Church Men from Diocese of Central Zimbabwe and Vabvuwi from the Diocese of Manicaland came together for the All Night Prayer.


AFU Booklet and Constitution
The prayer book was availed. Discussions on the prayer book were done and changes will be done soon. The constitution was also discussed and changes were done which will be corrected. It was the general feelings of other members that the constitution be binding, be written on regulation of taking of alcohol and other forms of discipline. The Chaplain highlighted that it was the pastoral obligations of priests to teach AFU members on dos and don’ts. The quorum for meetings was amended to 2/3 majority. The union shall appoint internal/external auditors when necessary.

The chaplain called on all district chairpersons to always submit written reports of activities within the district during Executive Meetings. Signatories to the AFU account were change the following order will be used the chaplain is the overriding signatory and can countersign either with the chairperson and the secretary. Clergy are not members of the AFU but are local chaplains.


AFU Uniform
The uniform will include the following
Black trouser, black shoes, black tie, white shirt, and navy blue blazer. The white shirt and navy blazer will be engraved with the a logo of Joseph holding a baby, Joseph is the guild’s patron saint. It was agreed that the log will be sold from the AFU office.